Past Recipients


Celebrating past winners

All of our recipients are treasured and celebrated, and to continue to show that support we’ve captured all previous winners on this page before you. Thanks again recipients, for all your contributions to Ontario and the world!

Community Services Premier's Award Recipients
College Name Year
Conestoga College Jehan Salim 2023
Centennial College Shereen Ashman 2022
Humber College Mutta Baldev 2021
Sheridan College Michelle John 2021
Georgian College Kevin Collins 2019
Canadore College Ernest Matton 2018
Sault College Colleen Hele-Cardinal 2018
George Brown College Natasha Falle 2017
Canadore College Kelly Crawford 2016
Durham College Debbie Low 2015
George Brown College Jessica Lynn Whitbread 2014
Confederation College Ramesh Ferris 2013
Seneca College Jo Gomes 2012
Sault College Brenda Combs 2011
Fanshawe College Debra Bodkin 2010
Lambton College Carol-Lynn Chambers 2008
Humber College Kay Blair 2007
Mohawk College Marni Flaherty 2006
George Brown College Beth Jordan 2005
Mohawk College Dominic (Posthumous) Agostino 2004
Algonquin College Susan Margaret Taylor Schmaltz 2003
Seneca College Gary & Joannie McGuffin 2002
Seneca College Chuck "Spider" Jones 2001
Fanshawe College Betty Bedard-Bidwell 2000
Mohawk College Kendra J. Gregson 1999
Humber College Gwen M. Bonafide 1998
Centennial College Joyce E.J. Marshall 1996
Niagara College Carol Alaimo 1995
Cambrian College Mary Jonik 1992