What is the Premier's Awards ceremony? 

The Premier’s Awards for outstanding college graduates honour the important social and economic contribution that graduates make to Ontario and throughout the world. The awards were launched in 1992 and are administered by Colleges Ontario, the advocacy voice for the province’s 24 colleges.

Many of Ontario’s greatest contributors have a solid foundation in post-secondary education. The awards highlight some of these great builders, thinkers and leaders who have graduated from Ontario’s colleges and contributed in significant ways to the country’s economic prosperity and success.

Presented annually, the Premier’s Awards recognize graduates in the following seven categories – Business, Community Services, Creative Arts and Design, Health Sciences, Recent Graduate, Skilled Trades and Science Technology and Engineering.


Award categories


Nominees in this category are entrepreneurs and innovators who work in both the public and private sectors in areas such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, and real estate and sales.

Community Services

Community services nominees provide support and services that positively impact members of their community, with emphasis on marginalized communities including persons with disabilities, racialized groups, new Canadians, members of the 2SLGBTQI+ community and many others. 

Creative Arts and Design

Creative arts and design is a broad field that includes such areas as broadcasting, fashion design, filmmaking, photography, interior design, as well as culinary arts, fine arts and commercial graphic arts. 

Health Sciences

Health sciences cover a range of professions, from those directly involved with patients to those that support, manufacture and produce medical and health-related products and innovations. Nursing, nutrition and food services, dental services, and personal support workers are among the fields covered in this category.

Recent Graduate

This is a diverse group from across all sectors and includes recently graduated entrepreneurs and leaders who used their skills and training to jump-start their careers. 

Skilled Trades

Nominees in this category are leaders in the workforce that is building Ontario’s economic future. They received their training at an Ontario college and work within or in support of the construction, industrial, motive power, and service sectors.

Science, Technology and Engineering

Nominees in this category are professionals who apply critical thinking skills in the design, production, and operation of applied sciences across a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, civil engineering, manufacturing and digital technologies.