Chameli Naraine

Chameli Naraine
Conestoga College

Program of Study: Materials Management and Operations
Graduating Year: 1983
Job Title: President and CEO
Place of Employment: Symcor

Chameli Naraine’s 27-year career as a business leader working for Fortune 500 companies around the world culminated in June 2011 with her appointment as president and CEO of Symcor, one of Canada’s leading financial processing services providers. She is also the founder of Naraine Global Fund, a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children globally.


Jo Gomes

Community Services
Jo Gomes
Seneca College

Program of Study:Social Service Worker
Graduating Year: 1987
Job Title: Professor
Place of Employment: Seneca College

Jo Gomes, a professor at Seneca College, has spent more than 20 years in the social service field. She has assisted disadvantaged youth and adults, including those suffering from mental health issues, homelessness, addiction and violence. She helped start a project that provides training and expertise to people in need in Jamaica.


Roger Mooking

Creative Arts and Design
Roger Mooking
George Brown College

Program of Study: Culinary Management
Graduating Year: 2001
Job Title: Food Network Celebrity Chef, Author, Recording Artist, Host of Everyday Exotic, Heat Seekers and Man Fire Food

Celebrity chef and author Roger Mooking won a Juno Award as a musician before returning to his first love of cooking. He has co-owned award-winning restaurants in Toronto, has TV shows running on food networks around the world, and is the author of an award-winning cookbook.


Bonnie Kearns

Health Sciences
Bonnie Kearns
Lambton College

Program of Study: Diploma Nursing
Graduating Year: 1984
Job Title: Contract Disaster Relief Worker
Place of Employment: Canadian Red Cross

Bonnie Kearns, a contract disaster relief worker with the Canadian Red Cross, spent six months in Afghanistan mentoring Afghani nurses and students. She also staffed a first aid station at Ground Zero following 9/11 and helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She was awarded the Red Cross’ highest honour, the Order of the Red Cross, Member Level.


David Pratt

Recent Graduate
David Pratt
Niagara College

Program of Study: Greenhouse Technician
Graduating Year: 2007
Job Title: Head Grower
Place of Employment: Sundrop Farms

The head grower at Sundrop Farms in South Australia, David Pratt is part of a team that discovered a cost-effective method to produce food in arid places by using the sun’s warmth to remove salt from seawater. The technology can be used worldwide in coastal, arid areas. He helps train the next generation of energy and resources leaders.


Dale George

Dale George
Georgian College

Program of Study: Industrial Design
Graduating Year: 1985
Job Title: Chief Technology Officer
Place of Employment: Buoyant Aircraft Systems International (BASI)
Dale George, the chief technology officer of Buoyant Aircraft Systems International, is a leader in the world of industrial design. He developed the first high-altitude wind turbine. He also designed the now-famous little yellow plastic slide that can be found in backyards across North America.